A Republican state lawmaker has introduced legislation to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan.

The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled the state’s medical marijuana law does not allow dispensaries.

State Representative Mike Callton says that’s a hole in the law that needs to be fixed because it creates an unfair hardship on terminally ill people.

“The problem”, he said, “if there’s 126,000 patients in Michigan right now, and only one in three has a caregiver. So the Supreme Court ruling, by taking out the dispensaries, and I can see that it wasn’t in the law, it either leaves patients without caregivers to either go underground or go without.”

“This cancer patient, this AIDS patient should be able to go right to a provisionary center – which my bill is creating – and get that prescription filled right away, get rid of that nausea, get that appetite back, keep that weight up, and have that quality of life even though you’re dying,” said Callton.

Callton says his bill would also reduce the illegal sale of marijuana because people who grow more than they need could provide it to other patients through a dispensary.

The legislation would allow local governments to outlaw dispensaries.

Similar legislation failed to win approval last year, but Callton says legislators from both parties seem to be more accepting of the idea in this term.

The medical marijuana law was adopted overwhelmingly by voters in 2008


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  2. Tyler Peek Nov 4, 2013 at 16:11

    Thats cool other free willing American citizens are taking notice of Danny Trevino’s hard work. The truth in this matter is that “Mike Carlton” , not “Mike Callton”, sought out our input in this matter and others are finally noticing it. I went to the meeting with Mike Carlton and Hydroworld, to emphasize the importance of protecting families and stable homes for kids, rather than conducting illegal investigations and violating the rights of all Michigan families. Its clear to me now that I will need a louder voice.


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