Cancer, Leukemia, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS/HIV and ALS Patients report Medical Marijuana and Medicated Baked Goods encourages and increase’s Patients appetite Loss associated with the Wasting / Cachexia Symptom. Nutrition and Nourishment in these devastating Patients must be addressed in these devastating diseases. Many End of Life Patients who have been terminally diagnosed, elect to decrease typically dispensed Narcotic Medications and use Medicinal Marijuana to help stop Nausea and allow these Patients to end their lives with some dignity of cognizant reasoning and alertness to say good bye to their family’s. Most all prescribed Pharmaceuticals are considered Hard Drugs and intensify heavy sleep and stupor.

Many of these Terminal Patients request using medicinal Marijuana to stay awake to visit with Family and Friends before their departure. To see these End of Life Patients Wasting away with large open sores associated with some of these diseases is a very painful and exasperating experience. The tormenting pain and anguish these Patients suffer is horrendous and completely debilitating.

Medicinal Marijuana has been a God’s send for many of these Patients.

Our Professional Caregivers are specifically Trained to Grow a wide range of products to suit a variety of Medical Conditions, Budgets and Personal tastes.

Our Pre-screened, State Licensed, Compassionately and professionally Trained Caregivers can provide Licensed Member Patients with the proper Strain for your specific Medical Diagnosis.

For End of Life Patients Caregivers are also Professionally Trained to prepare Cannabis Tinctures, Soaps, Salves, Shampoo’s and Butters for those Patients who have difficulty with Oral Intake.

We are here for You!!