House Bill 4271
The AMMA is a Lobbying Advocate of We The People Rights and Liberty’s in our Michigan Legislature.

The Michigan Supreme Court has Ruled the Patient to Patient Transfer is illegal and an Arrest-able Felony Offense.

MMMP Patients can now Only Receive their Alternative Medication from their Registered Primary Caregiver Licensed to Grow 60 Plants for a Maximum of 5 Patients, including themselves.

It is now illegal for MMMP Patients and Caregivers to buy, sell, trade, share or transfer Medical Marihuana to any other person other than their Licensed Patient or Registered Caregiver.

All Dispensaries and Compassion Clubs Transferring Medication have been Declared illegal by Michigan Legal system.
The Single Visit Doctor Recommendation is Not a Bona-fide Doctor / Patient relationship in the opinion of our Michigan Boards of Medicine and is Not considered a Valid MMMP Patient in Michigan Courts of Law.

The 63% Majority of Registered Michigan Humanitarian Voters approved the Michigan Medical Marihuana Law to Decriminalize Registered Patient and Caregiver Offenses under our Michigan Public Health Code Criminal Laws.

The AMMA, American Medicinal Marihuana Association is committed to advocating Patients’ Rights to Choose their Medication with an uninterrupted supply of Quality, Purity and Type of Alternative Medication to help alleviate their Pain.

The AMMA also advocates Qualified Patients’ Rights not to be placed in the Street, directly in Harm’s way attempting to obtain their choice of Pain Medication.

The AMMA advocates safe Zoned Medical Facilities for Patients Safe Access of their preferred medication and help rid Communities of escalated Street Crime.

We The People must come together now to preserve and protect our Majority Rule Democratic Constitutional Government for which this Country was built on the Right to Life, Liberty, Justice and Freedom without tyranny and oppression for all Americans.
We the People must stand up for our Vote or our Constitutional Rights mean nothing, anymore.

Please call the AMMA today to find out how you can make your Vote count to keep our Patients and our Communities Safe and Legal. 800-946-4501 Your Freedom depends on Legislative Action of House Bill 4271 to hear the Bells of Liberty ring in our declining Democracy. Call Now 800-946-4501.

Thank you.


  1. stamperd69 Oct 25, 2013 at 12:07

    you guys are amazing. so glad i did my certification with you. i will spread the word, you can count on that.

  2. kj Oct 25, 2013 at 12:08

    I know where I will keep coming to get my rectification done vary helpful professional bunch of people at the AMMA thank you for the wonderful help in getting started again K.J

  3. ziggystardust1985 Oct 25, 2013 at 12:28

    thank you for doing exactly what your blogs say you do.
    you keep me legal, wise, happy and free. keep up the good work.

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